tes·ti·mo·ny tee

/ˌtestəˈmōnē ˈtē /


  1.  a short-sleeved casual top with a biblical quote testifying to one’s character, heart and truth
  2. a means to Live . . . Express . . . and Grow Your Faith!
Grow Your Faith

Inspired by God’s Word

So many things in life are unplanned. Some call it luck or fate, some believe its divine intervention. For Testimony Tees it was His sheer inspiration. While traveling with a friend, we were sharing our favorite scripture passages and suddenly found ourselves creating “definitions” of powerful words utilizing His words. By the time we reached our destination, we had our first thirteen Testimony Tees!

Since that day, our little idea has become a big passion. Now we’re sharing with the world our empowering testimony to God’s word – Testimony Tees! Browse through our current T-shirts to find your favorite scripture passage or, create your own design with an inspirational word and message crafted just for you or a loved one.

Thank you for visiting Testimony Tee and sharing God’s word, one T-shirt at a time!

Word of the Month Club!

As Testimony Tee’s expands their “vocabulary,” we want you to be the first to wear our newest word! Be a part of our growing community of faithful who Live . . . Express . . . and Grow their Faith with Testimony Tee’s!

How it works

Each month Testimony Tee’s will create a new word and scripture definition for our next T-shirt. As a member of the “Word of the Month Club,” you will receive the new T-shirt automatically! No monthly ordering required – you can rest assured that our latest creation will land on your doorstep without any action on your part. Simple, easy, fun!

No Membership Fee!

When you sign up for the “Word of the Month Club,” there is no fee to join. Each month you will receive our beautiful new T-shirt at 15% off the regular retail price. We will automatically ship your treasure to you for only $21.25 (additional cost for largest sizes) plus S/H.

BONUS: After twelve months as a member of the “Word of the Month Club,” you will receive a thirteenth shirt absolutely FREE, as a thank you from us for being a member. Bonus t-shirts are exclusive words for our “Word of the Month Club” members only.

Subscribe today!

Sign-up for this exclusive group today to receive the newest “Word of the Month.” Click on the “Join Now” button below and add your “Word of the Month Club” to your shopping cart. Create your Customer Account, complete check out, and you’re signed up and ready to receive all future T-shirts.

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How do YOU wear your Faith?

We all express our faith in our own unique way. Maybe it’s through your actions or sharing your experiences with others. At Testimony Tee’s, we wear our faith for all to see, in thirteen different colors printed with our distinctive definitions, powered by scripture.

Help us spread His word by sharing how YOU wear your faith! Send us a photo of you wearing your Testimony Tee and we’ll include you in our “How do YOU wear your Faith” contest!

Each month we will select a new winner from all submissions. Our winner will receive the next month’s “Word of the Month” t-shirt as our “Thanks!” for helping us in our mission to



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